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If there’s one thing I wish I had learned earlier, it’s that none of us can create the lives we most dream of alone.

We are hard-wired to connect; collaborating, supporting and motivating one another is part of being alive and keeps us going when things get tough. Community and bringing people together is now at the centre of my work, and whilst I love my own writing practice and the peaceful solitude that brings me at times, I equally love connecting with and learning from other writers.

If you dig my writing style and you’d like to contribute to this blog, I’d love to speak to you about being a guest or even a regular contributor. The way I see it is win-win; you get your work featured and your profile raised, your readers get to find out about this website, our readers get a variety of rich & helpful content, we both get to inspire more people across the globe, and we get to become friends and maybe even go for a cup of tea if you’re in my part of the world!

If you’re a blog reader you’ll know what I tend to write about, but for reference, here are the main topics:

  • Happiness

  • Personal Growth

  • Mindfulness

  • Healing

  • Health, Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • Love & Relationships

  • Friendships

  • Spirituality

  • Consciousness and Conscious Living

  • The Mind-Body Connection

Before submitting your piece consider what you’re writing with regards to the above and follow the below guidelines:

  • No more than 1000 words

  • Include your bio and website

  • Always check grammar and spelling before submitting and never use another writer’s content without their permission

  • Only submit exclusive work that you haven’t yet published anywhere else

  • Understand that we reserve the right to edit your submission before it’s published on our site

  • We encourage you to share the link to your published blog with on your social media platforms once it’s live and respond to any comments left on the blog so readers get the chance to get to know you

Ready to submit? Send your finished piece to

If you haven’t heard from us within 4 weeks of submitting your final draft, it means that this time around the piece wasn’t right for the website.

We can’t wait to hear from you! x