Since working with Nat, I feel like my eyes have been blown wide open. I am able to really see my progress, my journey and my potential in a way I just wasn’t quite connecting with before. Every day is filled with an opportunity to go deeper, play bigger, and learn more, not only with my business but with myself.

Natalie is a very special person to work with; she completely understands the spiritual aspect of our being and is able to integrate this fully with running a successful and fulfilling life. To anyone considering working with her, she is compassionate, genuine, down to earth but also incredibly inspiring in her own personal power and courage.
— Mel Skinner,
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Do you feel like no matter how hard you try or how much you dedicate yourself to something, it just doesn’t feel like enough?

Does it feel as though everything you build ends up feeling out of alignment?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying or anxious?

Are you beginning to notice patterns in your life that keep repeating in different circumstances leaving you exhausted and bewildered as to where you went wrong?

You’re longing for a sense of calm, peace and contentment but life events keep knocking you down despite feeling as though you should be able to withstand them.

You want to feel a sense of freedom and ownership over your life and know you were meant for something bigger but you just can’t quite get there.

Our striving and struggling is usually born from a deep seated set of fearful beliefs that we have to prove to the world that we’re something we’re not. That constant anxiety is usually a trauma or core belief that needs to surface so we can finally see that who we really are isn’t a controlling, raging, manipulative person that we no longer recognise, but instead a powerful, gentle, peaceful soul with more wisdom than we’ve ever given ourselves credit for.

You’re not going crazy. You weren’t put here to repeat your parents’ mistakes or live the lives they felt they had to sacrifice. You are actually free and you always have been, you just got plugged into a dysfunctional system that told you otherwise. This world isn’t working for you because you’ve been trying to survive in the same strung-out, forceful way most other people have. There's a reason it doesn't fit. There’s also a reason why you struggle with the concept that no matter how grateful you tell yourself you should be with what little you have, you know deep down you deserve more. This way of being particularly won't have staying power for you if you’re an empath, an old soul, highly perceptive, or someone who was born for more than just meandering through a life filled with addictions and distractions.

The old way is no longer working for you, but you can't quite see the new way forward yet...I've been there too; lost, lonely, utterly confused and abandoned by those who claimed to ‘love’ me, and I'm here to guide you through the darkness.


My work as a yoga teacher and as a coach is to put people back in touch with their innate body wisdom and guide them to call time on giving their power away to others. Whether on the mat, one to one, or online, I hold space and act as a mirror for my clients to recognise their own power, higher intelligence and beauty again, one breath at a time.

When you think you’re getting to ‘done’, when you think you know yourself, when you think there’s nothing you can do to change your current reality…

…think again, look deeper, have the courage to GO deeper.

It’s time to question everything you thought you ‘knew’.

People tend to find me when they're ready for a shift and not a moment sooner. Are you ready for yours?

The links below will give you a little more insight into how I am currently working in both of these areas...