It’s my belief that if we show up as our most honest, authentic and heart-centered selves in every moment, we can build the safe spaces we all so deeply long for in which to connect with one another. That’s my intention here…to hold a safe space in which a loving and mutually supportive community can grow.

I know your email address is personal and therefore I will treat it with respect. My weekly emails are not sales emails. I might link to an event I’m running or mention something that I know someone else is up to if I think it might be of interest to you, but my intention is to share, connect, inspire and support.

The topics I write about in my weekly emails are different to what I share on my blog, because I know that if someone has chosen to share their personal information with me, it means they are looking to connect and keep in touch in a deeper and more personal way.

Becoming part of this community allows you to be the first to know when there may be a chance for us to connect in-person, within a group, have the opportunity to exclusive access to a new service or course, or hear about my deeper stories and struggles that will allow us to remember our shared humanity. You’ll get to be part of something creative, fun and inspiring rather than just being an observer, and in turn, I hope to be a light in your already over-crowded inbox and someone that you really look forward to hearing from each week.

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