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The world is starved of authentic connection, unconditional love and places where people feel safe.

Empaths are the conduits to all of these, but only when they understand how to maintain their life force energy instead of getting swept up in the vortex of others.

I work with Empaths and HSP’s (Highly Sensitive People) who are awakening to their deeper truth and can sense there’s more for them to do than simply follow the crowd.

Own Your Empath is a 4 week mentorship for awakening Empaths.

This journey will allow you to uncover what’s currently holding you back from embracing your natural way of being in the world as a gentle warrior.

As well as full support from me on working on specific blocks in your energy system, you’ll have access to a wealth of information on maintaining your health, kick-starting your healing process (for real this time) and learning how to deal with energy vampires.

This private mentorship takes place on the messaging app Voxer (perfect for the quiet rebel within you) so you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Think of me like a trusted pocket guide who is there for you no matter what.


Here are just a few of the areas I’ve helped my Empath clients with over the years:

- Tapping into, honouring, and speaking your personal truth

- Managing and grounding your energy so you can feel safe within yourself and in the world

- Dealing with an ‘awakening’ and understanding how huge transitory periods of life such as divorce or great loss can be catalysts in uncovering your Soul’s purpose

- Reconnecting with your intuition and internal guidance systems

- Understanding ancestral conditioning, archetypes, and where you may be unconsciously repeating patterns that do not belong to you

- Creating healthy boundaries for yourself and others, practicing discernment, and effectively recognising and dealing with ‘toxic’ behaviour

- Working with your innate gifts so you no longer feel like you’re trying to ‘fit’ into a chaotic world that doesn’t make sense to you

- Building authentic personal power, courage, worth and joy


You’ll also receive:

- a pre-course Empath Self Care Guide

- access to your own personal Empath Energy Audit to enable you to track your progress

- free access to grounding & nurturing meditations

- the Own Your Empath journaling prompt book to guide you safely through whatever is coming up and lead you back to your own intuition

- one private video session with me on Zoom whenever you need it during the course where I’ll hold sacred space for you to untangle anything you feel you need to go deeper with me on


The intention behind Own Your Empath is to safely guide you back home to YOU.

It’s the beginning of you designing your own empowering personal Empath toolbox so you feel equipped to start surfing the waves of life instead of being crushed by them.

I believe we each already have all the answers within us, but sometimes we need an unconditionally loving, safe and quiet space to be held for us so we can listen to what our soul really wants us to hear.

Own Your Empath is that space.

If you’re ready to shift and are committed to your healing process, I can’t wait to work with you.

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YOUR INVESTMENT: £995 (Payment plan available).

But this mentorship is about more than just a financial investment, it’s all about ENERGY.

Yes we will be looking at how you can take better care of yourself as an Empath, but you also need to show up willing to open your heart, face your fears and bring your most committed self to this work.

Your life can only deepen and expand to the level that your soul is willing to surrender. I can guide you to the doors, but you must turn the keys.



Since working with Nat, I feel like my eyes have been blown wide open. I am able to really see my progress, my journey and my potential in a way I just wasn’t quite connecting with before. Every day is filled with an opportunity to go deeper, play bigger, and learn more, not only with my business but with myself. Natalie is a very special person to work with; she completely understands the spiritual aspect of our being and is able to integrate this fully with running a successful and fulfilling life. To anyone considering working with her, she is compassionate, genuine, down to earth but also incredibly inspiring in her own personal power and courage.
— Mel Skinner, melskinneryoga.com
Your journey is one of truth that I believe very few sincerely seek out to own their miracle of life. You are a young lady with an old soul remedying past repressions and laying the groundwork for many futures. How incredibly beautiful and respectful. You’ve helped me because you’re not afraid to be who you are.


I think I’m an Empath but I’m not sure, is this course for me?

If you’re even contemplating whether you might be an Empath, you probably are. Empaths have the ability to feel another person’s consciousness inside their body. If you can feel what someone else is feeling in this way and you have spent a lot of your life feeling very overwhelmed and drained, you are an Empath. This course will help you go deeper into that exploration and take back your personal energy and power.

I don’t live in the UK, is Own Your Empath still the right course for me?

YES. The beauty of this course is that it’s all done online and via a messaging app. Because we are in touch every day, as long as you don’t expect instant replies, time differences don’t really matter.

Do you offer refunds?

I have such a strong belief in my work & clients that I don’t offer refunds and I’ve never had to, however, if you honestly feel that after fully committing to yourself to this work over the four weeks you DIDN’T feel completely transformed, I will be happy to discuss why that was and how we can remedy it.

Do you only work with women?

Because I’m a woman, my primary customer base is women but I have also worked with male Empaths as well. If you’re a man considering applying for this course, feel free to drop me a line on the contact page first.

What is your payment plan option?

You can choose to pay in:

  • one instalment of £995 or

  • two monthly instalments of £550 (total £1100)

How much time will I have with you?

I am contactable anytime Monday through Saturday and I will respond to any messages you leave within 24 hours. Our 1:1 video session is flexible and can be arranged at a time that suits us both and that fits around your schedule so you won’t be rushed or distracted.

Who are you and why should I work with you?

Choosing to do this kind of deeper Soul work with someone can feel as scary as it does exciting and it’s important that it feels right for you. I don’t have the answers to your personal truth, only you have those, but what I do bring to the table is a rich tapestry of life experiences; some of them harrowing, some of them beautiful, but with all of them having broken me open to the grounded and empathic person I am today who is able to meet, sit with and understand the beauty and depth of pain in others. I can guarantee you is that this is a safe, nourishing and confidential space where you’ll be deeply held and unconditionally loved. (If you don’t think you’re ready for the month-long mentorship at this stage, a one hour Energy Session with me might be the place to start instead). If you want to find out more about me, my journey and my teachers head to the About page.

What if I can’t keep up with the work or don’t finish the journal?

The whole intention behind this mentorship is to allow YOU to design it at your own pace and in your own style and to keep going with your work after we finish our time together. There is no formula or step-by-step guide, you get out what you bring to the work because this is a SELF-directed mentorship with me as your Soul guide when you begin to doubt yourself or feel lost. The course material is designed to be used and tapped back into again and again whenever you are feeling like you have become ungrounded or overwhelmed, so ultimately it’s not about about ever being ‘finished’, it’s about you continuously working towards a deeper sense of wholeness & authenticity during our time together and beyond.

I’ve done online coaching courses before. What makes Own Your Empath different from everything else?

Own Your Empath isn’t an online course, it’s a deeply personal experience with a Soul interpreter. I’m not here to tell you what to do or take you through cookie-cutter steps, I’m simply a channel and I’m here to hold safe space for you to have your own awakenings around what feels true for you and how you honestly want to start living your life. I’ll be challenging you to meet your edge, showing you what fierce love looks like, and helping you remember just how powerful you already are.

I want to ask you a question before I apply, how can I contact you?

Please go to the Contact Page, fill in your details, and I will respond within 48 hours.