I designed this energy audit with a very specific person in mind…a highly intuitive, deeply sensitive, empathic being who is beginning to feel completely exhausted by life.

It took a complete nervous system breakdown and spiritual emergency for me to realise that for me to thrive in the world, I was going to have to learn everything I could about ENERGY. Whilst many people may be able to do life via rushing around, surviving on caffeine and ‘crushing’ goals to get ahead, Empaths simply can’t operate that way (or at least not for very long).

I thought I had mastered the basics via yoga, meditation and eating well but it turns out there was SO much I didn’t know, and working with energy and the deeper dynamics of life goes way beyond a few green juices.

Most Empaths haven’t been given a safe opportunity in which to slow down, express themselves, and befriend their powerful gentleness. Many of them are trying to keep up with everyone else, all the while feeling hopelessly lost simply because they haven’t learned how to put their incredibly perceptive intuitive capabilities to good use.

It's my heart’s longing to see as many of these incredible Lightworkers heal themselves, and help others do the same, and this is where the idea for this audit came to be.

Pretty much every Empath I meet is in one way or another exhausted and can’t quite figure out why. There are four main ways Empaths ‘leak’ their energy by being the over-givers they naturally are. Once they restore these leaks and return to a sense of personal power and wholeness, they have SO much more to eventually give to others and they can then start doing the real work their Spirit is deeply calling for them to step into.

Click below to instantly download the test. Even if you’re already aware you’re an Empath and know your stuff, you might be surprised at where you’ve been giving away your power and energy without even realising it!