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Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there.
— Rumi

Some may refer to it as 'coaching' but I prefer to call it a safe space. That's precisely what I create for everyone that I'm lucky enough to work with.

My ability to hold space and transmute painful feelings for others deepens each time I meet a being courageous enough to open to themselves in the same way.

Yes, we go deep in our sessions. No, these are not for everyone. People find me only when they are ready to meet their truth, raise their conscious awareness, and not a moment sooner.

These are some of the many areas that I work with my clients on:

  • Tapping into, honouring and speaking your personal truth so you are no longer subservient to the demands and needs of others

  • Effective and conscious communication in relationships

  • Managing and grounding your energy so you can feel safe within yourself and in the world

  • Dealing with an ‘awakening’ and major transitory periods of life

  • Reconnecting with your intuition and internal guidance systems

  • Understanding familial and ancestral conditioning, archetypes, and where you may be unconsciously repeating patterns or getting stuck in situations that do not belong to the journey of your highest human potential

  • Practices and effective methods for realigning body, mind and soul (Natalie is also a trained meditation, Reiki and yoga teacher)

  • Coping with stress, anxiety and moving through depression and addictions

  • Developing conscious awareness of yourself and the world around you, mindfulness, and moving into a deeper connection with your Higher Self

  • Understanding and creating healthy boundaries for yourself and others, practicing discernment, and effectively recognising and dealing with ‘toxic’ behaviour

  • Understanding and working with your unique and innate gifts and talents so you no longer feel like you’re trying to ‘fit’ in the world

  • Developing a healthy body image, deeper & juicier self-love and joy, and a truthful conscious awareness of who you really are

Why work with me?

MY EXPERIENCE: I can stand in the light for you only because I know the depths of the dark. I know how deep the rabbit hole goes. My personal struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction and debilitating pain from Scoliosis first lead me to train with world-renowned yoga teacher Ana Forrest. The Forrest Yoga method focuses on tracking and working with fear in the body and teaches students how to cultivate strength, integrity, breath, beauty and Spirit on and off the mat. My journey continued with an iRest Yoga Nidra meditation training with James Reeves of Restful Being. My continuous professional development in yoga and meditation has allowed me to complete over 1000 hours of training and counting.

In 2013 I spent four months working with recovering addicts at the St.Mungo’s homeless charity in London teaching them how to reinhabit their bodies again via yoga and breathwork. My work with mental health community outreach programs continues and is still incredibly important to me.

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the creative industries managing and mentoring teams and supporting high-level leaders which has contributed to my knowledge of how to navigate and work with a multitude of personality types. Since 2013, I have been coaching and mentoring women from all walks of life; nutritionists, coaches, yoga teachers, writers, business owners and those who simply want to understand themselves on a deeper level. I have also navigated the darker side of the so-called spiritual world, experienced emotional abuse and gas-lighting, and survived my own personal encounters with teachers and acquaintances who turned out to be narcissists or nihilists. These experiences have allowed me to identify and work with those struggling with borderline personality disorder.

In 2017 I completed an 8-week Mindful Self Compassion training program with author and respected Journey Practitioner Kathryn Lovewell as well as completing a deeply transformative and healing Family Constellation Therapy workshop with Alun Reynolds which set me on a new ancestral healing path.

I have been lucky enough to work with incredible business, spiritual and mindset coaches such as Katrina Ruth, Marianne Cantwell, Selina Barker and Bridget Boland.

Alongside working with renowned Shamanic Practitioners such as Esther Lim and Linda Fitch as well as Nutritionists and Somatic Educators such as Ellen Heed and Nicola Shubrook, my personal self-development and accountability continues monthly in retreats and workshops as well as weekly in talk therapy with my incredible spiritual coach Leah Cox and my transformative therapist Jessica Slash (you can find out more about all of these incredible humans below).

Before we work together over a longer period of time, I connect with you for a shorter single session to make sure the fit is right for both of us. To find out more about how we can work together, explore further details below or use the contact form to make an enquiry and book a session.

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